The Global Neutrino Network (GNN) aims for a closer collaboration and a coherent strategy among the neutrino telescope projects.

At present, it consists of four partners:

- The ANTARES Collaboration

- The Baikal Collaboration

- The IceCube Collaboration

- The KM3NeT Collaboration

GNN aims to develop a coherent strategy and to exploit the synergistic effects of cooperation. It will serve as a forum for formalizing and further developing the present annual Mediterranean-Antarctic Neutrino Telescope Symposium (MANTS) meetings and biannual international workshop on Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes (VLVNT).  Goals of GNN include the coordination of alert and multi-messenger policies, exchange and mutual checks of software,  creation of a common software pool, establishing a common legacy of public documents, developing standards for data representation, cross-checks of results with different systematics, the organization of schools, and  other forms of exchanging expertise, e.g. through mutual working visits of scientists and engineers or by forming ad-hoc advisory committees of members of the four participating collaborations.

News from the GNN Community can be found in the monthly newsletter "GNN Monthly". It is released as an internal document since July 2016 and as a publicly available version since November 2020. Click to the teaser top right to read the actual version.