The Global Neutrino Network (GNN) aims for a closer collaboration and a coherent strategy among the neutrino telescope projects.

At present, it consists of four partners:

- The ANTARES Collaboration

- The Baikal Collaboration

- The IceCube Collaboration

- The KM3NeT Collaboration

GNN aims to develop a coherent strategy and to exploit the synergistic effects of cooperation. It will serve as a forum for formalizing and further developing the present annual Mediterranean-Antarctic Neutrino Telescope Symposium (MANTS) meetings and biannual international workshop on Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes (VLVNT).  Goals of GNN include the coordination of alert and multi-messenger policies, exchange and mutual checks of software,  creation of a common software pool, establishing a common legacy of public documents, developing standards for data representation, cross-checks of results with different systematics, the organization of schools, and  other forms of exchanging expertise, e.g. through mutual working visits of scientists and engineers or by forming ad-hoc advisory committees of members of the four participating collaborations.