The GNN dissertation prize recognizes young postdoctoral candidates who have written an outstanding thesis and contributed  significantly to the project.  Primary criteria of the selection are the scientific quality, the didactics and the form of the thesis.

GNN Dissertation Prize 2018:

The GNN Dissertation Prize 2018 is awarded to

Gary Binder (UC Berkeley) for his thesis Measurements of the Flavour
Composition and Inelasticity Distribution of High-Energy Neutrino
Interactions in IceCube

Lew Classen (now University Münster) for his thesis The mDOM – a multi-PMT
digital optical module for the IceCube-Gen2 neutrino telescope




GNN Dissertation Prize 2017:

The 2017 GNN dissertation prize is awarded to three winners:

Stefan Coenders (Technical University Munich) for his thesis "High-energy cosmic ray accelerators: probing seven years of IceCube muon data for time-integrated emission of point-like neutrino sources"

Ryan Maunu (University of Maryland) for his thesis "A search for muon neutrinos in coincidence with Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Southern hemisphere sky using the IceCube neutrino observatory"

Jannik Hofestädt (ECAP) for his thesis "Measuring the neutrino mass hierarchy with the future KM3NeT/ORCA detector"

 Stefan Coenders, Ryan Maunu,  Jannik Hofestädt

GNN Dissertation Prize 2016:

The 2016 GNN Dissertation Prize was awarded at the MANTS
Meeting in Mainz, at October 1, to three winners:

Lars Mohrmann (DESY Zeuthen) for his thesis “Characterizing Cosmic  Neutrino Sources (A Measurement of the Energy Spectrum and
Flavor Composition of the Cosmic Neutrino Flux Observed with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory)

Agustín Sánchez Losa (IFIC Valencia) for his thesis “Search for high energy cosmic muon neutrinos from variable gamma-ray sources and time calibration of the optical modules of the ANTARES telescope”

Chris Weaver (University of Wisconin, Madison) for his thesis “Evidence for Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos from the Northern Sky"

This year's GNN Prize was sponsored by APPEC.

Lars Mohrmann, Agustin Sanchez Losa and Chris Weaver

GNN Dissertation Prize 2015:

In June 2015, the Dissertation Prize of the Global Neutrino Network has been awarded to three former graduate students (in alphabetic order):

  • Tri Astraatmadja (Nikhef, Amsterdam) for his thesis “Starlight between the waves:In search of TeV photon emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope”
  • Jakob van Santen (University of Wisconsin, Madison) for his thesis “Neutrino Interactions in IceCube above 1 TeV: Constraints on Atmospheric Charmed-Meson Production and Investigation of the Astrophysical Neutrino Flux with 2 Years of IceCube Data taken 2010-2012”
  • Juan Pablo Yáñez (DESY, Zeuthen) for his thesis “Measurement of neutrino oscillations in atmospheric neutrinos with the IceCube DeepCore detector”

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